In this podcast series, Anand Mehrotra will be speaking about Himalayan Wisdom: A journey into the awakening states of consciousness. Originating from Satsangs, wisdom talks, and live streams, recorded in Rishikesh India, at the sacred foothills of the Shivalik Himalayan mountains.

July 31, 2023

Mahavakyas - Prajnanam Brahma

In this new 4-part mini-series, Anand takes us into the contemplative medicine that is the four Mahavakyas. These great declarations coming from the Upanishads are as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago. In each episode he will explore each Mahavakya in greater depth, bringing profound insight into the nature of Self and reality, enlivening our consciousness with ancient wisdom from the Yog-Vedantic Tradition. This first episode opens the door to Prajnanam Brahma, the first Mahavakya in the mini-series.

June 29, 2023

Present Moment Awareness

In this Episode we journey back to Sattva Summit 2019, to experience the ever-present moment. Often we find ourselves wondering what is the future, but are in confusion as we are asked to be present in the now. Here in this satsang Anand explores and expands, bringing a true understanding to the here and now, encouraging us to expand our awareness of the present moment, bringing growth to our understanding of what it is to be truly here.

May 25, 2023

Culture Your Mind

This Episode taken from a Sattva Connect live stream, Anand takes us into deeper understanding for cultivating a better mind. When the mind is being informed by Atman (the soul), the quality of the mind is that of pristine clarity, peacefulness, connected to source intelligence. Otherwise, you’ll experience a distracted mind, dominated by negative emotions, filled with craving and aversion, fear and desire (Ahamkara or Ego). So, don’t let your mind become an architect of misery. Plant the seeds of the Banyan tree. Be the master of your mind. Stay open to source intelligence!

April 5, 2023

Deserving Power

What you experience right now, it is totally contingent on your own deserving power, your whole life is an extension of that The understanding of this great law of nature can alter completely your life. So take a moment to dive into this new episode from a state of deep presence, stable mind and an open heart. As we explored in previous episodes, what level of consciousness you most consistently maintain become your experience of yourself and so life. Here we refine the understanding through the concept of deserving power. What you most consistently engage in, what state of consciousness you most consistently maintain you become capable of receiving that value in your life. If you want to raise your deserving power you have to consistently engage in the new expression of you, not from thoughts, but from your state, alter your state consistently and universe will start to organize around this new frequency. Deserving power is directly proportional to your staying power. Life can only be the way you are, cannot be any other way!! When you realize that you start to work on that, consistently show in that way, creating and meeting your future making your vision possible.

March 11, 2023

State Practice and Experience of Yoga

This episode is a gem for practitioners on the path of evolution.To understand that the state of Yog is not at the end of the arrow, the state of yoga is now.Do not use your practice as another waiting room to get the state. Become mature practitioners instead of just chasers. Mature practitioners know that you can only arrive to the state now and this requires willingness and radical responsibility. We closed the last episode with a transformative question: What can I be aware of that can alter my consciousness state right now? So are you aware of your state?

February 16, 2023

Exploring Consciousness - Part 2

Take a moment to dive deeper into your understanding of the fundamental base of existence. The meaning of life is to evolve and evolution at the core base is to gain greater cosmic consciousness, the finite value of consciousness gaining the value of its own capacity. Embrace this knowledge from your heart which is the seat of cosmic consciousness and have a glimpse of our own eternal nature. Brahmanda Rupa the cosmic form which is formless, the potential of all forms, the formless that collapses in form. Cosmic nature is the infinite potential of all life, a formless field that holds infinity within itself, it's intangible and accessible by every conscious species. So learn to access the field of cosmic consciousness.

February 3, 2023

Exploring Consciousness - Part 1

Receive a taste of what consciousness and cosmic consciousness are, and tune in for a life of fearlessness. During Sattva Summit 2019 Anand took us on an awakening journey into the wholeness of consciousness and consciousness states. Knower, known and the process of knowing are all consciousness. Everything is experienced within consciousness, everything is known in consciousness, and everything in life is the content of consciousness. The degree of the individuals awareness is their own consciousness state. Hold less tight to content that arises from your consciousness, increase the degree of awareness and shift your state, your life will shift accordingly.

February 5, 2023

Insight into Jyotish - The Science of Light / Vedic Astrology

In this episode Anand is joined by Sattva master teacher Annemarie, to pose some frequent questions on the topic of Jyotish. During this session we receive insight into the origins of Jyotish, or the Science of Light. Anand shares how it is a tool for evolutionary understanding of oneself, giving rise to the awareness of how we are the universe itself and able to move into a life of Dharma.

January 20, 2023

Organize Around Love

In this contemplative meditation recorded during a Sattva connect Live Stream, Anand Ji invites you to organize around love. You must realize that events come and go. Structures arise and dissolve. But the loving presence, at the core of all that is, stands the test of time.

January 15, 2023

A Heart-Centered LIfe

Anand teaches us that a heart centred life is a fulfilling life. He explains the four fundamental practices to cultivate in our lives, how to live in gratefulness with a sense of appreciation and the importance of compassion. He reminds us of the need for radical trust, surrender, and that the unknown is our ally and not to be feared. Ultimately, he shows us how to enliven that place of wisdom within us all, so that we may navigate our journey through this life in an elegant manner.

January 10, 2023

Patanjali's 4 Attitudes of Relating

Anand explores the supreme advice offered by Patanjali in Pada 1, sutra 33, from his interpretation, This Is That. He encourages us to cultivate these 4 expressions of love: friendliness, compassion, reverence and indifference, that we might practice loving kindness and access that inner joy. Through this brilliant insight, he reminds us that in order to enrich our energetic field we must be aware of what we give our attention to, that wisdom is our greatest ally and to align ourselves with those dedicated to growth.

January 5, 2023

Satsang - Attuning Our Wisdom

In this episode, Anand discusses a very important aspect of the Yog-Vedantic tradition, SATSANG, the empowering value of community coming together with a shared intention… a gathering of hearts and minds to further their evolution. He reminds us to be aware of what we give our attention to and the need for mindful content. We learn that truth here is not an opinion but leads us closer to our higher Self and he invites us to bring this teaching into our lives.

December 20, 2022

Be Wise

In this podcast, the first in the Second Series. Anand shares the insight of the great Masters and invites us to move in the direction of wisdom and avoid the trap of the egoic mind, to always want to be right. For right leads nowhere but wisdom leads us to great freedom and joy.

December 10, 2022

Cosmic Womb

In this podcast from the tantric teachings, Anand shares this beautiful insight into the cosmic womb and the timeless domain of the great mother. He invites us to let go of ownership, dive deep into the un-manifest, pure field of potential and allow the creative intelligence to flow through us.

June 18,2020


Anand Mehrotra’s new book,

Liberation ~ An Interpretation of Isha Upanishad,

is a profoundly relevant, deeply insightful, contemporary interpretation of the ancient Yog-Vedantic text that delves deep into the fundamental questions of life.

This podcast is a specially edited introduction, where Anand explores the true meaning of the opening mantra.

April 16,2020

The Nature of Impermanence

In this special edition, Anand talks about the impermanence of everything in this manifest reality. He explains that the only thing that is permanent in the relative field of experience is impermanence. This arises within the field of awareness that is permanent and continues, without beginning or ending. Within each and every human being lies the supreme power to transform the narrative that is around the experience that arises.

Mar 17, 2020

Evolution in a time of Covid-19

In this Episode, taken from Sattva Connects Livestream. Anand discusses how these challenges facing us all at this time can be a great opportunity for growth and awakening. " Irrespective of the magnitude of the challenge being experienced, the opportunity for growth, the invitation for awakening, is very, very clear and available. The other option is suffering, individually and collectively. Let us embrace this opportunity, individually and collectively"

Jan 07, 2020

The Existential Question

In this podcast, Anand discusses with his audience, the deep longing to find out what’s really going on and the desire to answer the fundamental questions: Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? And when we realise that there is a longing that arises from there which is to know, that is mumukshutva, to really know, and to go to that fundamental level of ourself.

Sep 27, 2019


What does it mean to be alone? Are we ever alone? Are we always alone?

In this episode, Anand distinguishes how loneliness and aloneness are not one and the same, as well as discovering yourself in aloneness.

August 14, 2019


In our occasional series of interviews, Anand continues his conversation with the co-host of the spiritual podcast, 11.11, and presenter of Tour of Beauty, Rachel Hunter. In this second episode, they discuss the dance of the creative energy that is shakti and shiva and the transformative power of going beyond the labels of male and female.

April 17, 2019

Tantra Explored

“The sex got stuck …… “

In this episode Rachel Hunter, co-host of the spiritual podcast 11:11 and presenter of the series Tour of Beauty, talks to Anand about the West’s confused ideas on sex and tantric practices.

“…….. tantra really means working with the expansive potential of the manifest dimension of life.”

He explains this misunderstanding and explores the true meaning of tantra, our fear of intimacy, resistance and the reductionist mind.

He explains this misunderstanding and explores the true meaning of tantra, our fear of intimacy, resistance and the reductionist mind.

Feb 24, 2019


In this episode, Anand reminds us that it is great moments that make a great life.

“The invitation of time is now, to use this time to grow, to sing, to dance. You see, you can either live this life as a great burden or live this life as a great dance. And the dance can only happen now, not somewhere in the distant future or in the past. It can only happen now…. There is incredible power in this realization that you are the cause, not the effect. You are not the victim, but almighty powerful. And the power lies within your own being. It lies at this moment, you see. For it, all starts now.”

Oct 24, 2018

The Time is Now

Returning to the Shivalik Mountains, we listen as Anand urges us to live our lives fully. As he gazes across the Himalayas, he asks us to come out of the waiting room. If not now, when?

“If you are waiting for a time when you will be ready, well, guess what. That time will never come for you cannot be ready in time…. You take the step and everything else will follow. We can’t keep waiting for everything to line up and make sense for us to live our life. Otherwise, life passes us by.”

March 29, 2018


Recorded during a hike in the Shivalik mountains. From the mountain top, Anand explores surrendering to the divine creation, allowing for unity while exploring the dynamic silence as we connect to mother nature, shedding conditioning and bowing at the feet of the mountain.

February 21, 2018

Values of Silence

First podcast in the Sattva Himalayan Wisdom Series. Recorded on a mountain top in the Himalayas. In this episode Anand speaks to the values of silence, taking you inward to the space that exists with and without this creation, that is you. Inviting you to arrive to the understanding of silence in a radical manner.

” All the experience and the experiencer are arising from the field of silence, this silence is the womb of all manifestation, all shapes and forms arise from this field of silence. This silence is the very fabric of existence”