VOICES OF UNITY from Sattva Yoga Sangha

01 September, 2020


from Sattva Yoga Sangha

1 September 2020

A Spiritual Community Around the World

The global yoga community of yoga teachers of Sattva Yoga Academy joined forces to share from their respective locations worldwide. The present times of uncertainty and chaos are also ripe with opportunity to adapt and bring in a sustainable new normal which uplifts the entire humankind. Listen to how the teachers of the Sattva Sangha are showing up to these present times and leading with heart. Receive this offering of love.

Anand Ji’s message:

The separate identity only exists at a certain level of consciousness. All these boundaries that we perceive are only at a certain level of perception. As you dial in your perception, these boundaries dissolve.

So what you find is one unified whole with different waves within that continuum. This is not some belief. This is a fundamental fact of life and reality. And this is an important thing for us to realize always in the now, that underlying unity of Self, that indivisible wholeness of Self. As we can claim our wholeness and dial in our perception, as we can dial in our consciousness, as we can dial in our awareness, we will find that we can begin to experience that unity. We can begin to experience that wholeness which is the essential nature of Self, while simultaneously playing in the field of boundaries, in the field of relative reality. But if the boundaries are dominating, if isolation is the dominant value in the field of our awareness, fear will dominate. We will give up our power. As within, so without.

So consciousness states which are stuck at the level of isolation, at the level of boundaries, at the level of divisiveness, are screaming in loud speakers. There is a lot of noise which is pushing us to be more separate, pushing us to be more isolated, pushing us to be in fear of life. We are life.

So this is our invitation to you. Dial in your consciousness. Dial in your awareness. Access the dimension where unity prevails. Listen not the voice of fear, but to the Voices of Unity.

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